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ASEAN (Association of South East Asian Nations)

A new Common Market fastly developing, a Customs Union with free movement of goods, services and capital between 10 countries with very different markets and features but with a common ground of substantial political stability, a young and ambitious population and growth rates  among the highest in the world.


More than 620 million people, mostly in the age group of young adults, a territory of over 4.5 million sq km being fastly infrastructured, economies in rapid expansion and modernization with large investments from abroad.


Starting in 2013 FDI (Foreign Direct Investments) in ASEAN have surpassed those in China. UE is the first external source of FDI in the area. Then come Japan, China (+ HK), USA, Australia, Korea.


Labor costs lower than those of China, well-educated workforce, good demographic trends, widespread use of English, legal systems closer to Western models, international free trade treaties, regulations more favorable to foreign investments are all additional elements of attraction toward this area.

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