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What we do


Market Entry

Entering a new market is always a strategic step, sensitive and relevant. The consequences of the evaluations and the choices made in the start phase have a big impact over time, in a positive or negative way. SEASIA offers all the skills and services to minimize time, costs and risks, maximizing results. With SEASIA you have all the knowledge and support on place to make the best choices and be quickly up and running to make business.

Market Development

Developing volumes and profits requires an effective activity executed on place. SEASIA assists companies in establishing their business by providing its local experience and relationships, with tailored highly professional services for a variety of needs, from trade relations, to joint ventures or to set-up of operations sites.

With SEASIA you can count on a reliable partner for your development plans in South East Asia in the short, medium and long term.


Specialized Services

A successful international project needs knowledge and experience to manage specific local issues, of legal kind, authorization, logistics, customs, etc. Through its carefully selected local partners SEASIA can provide specialized professional services needed, with the guarantee of reliability and capacity and providing a single trusted point of coordination right on site. With SEASIA you can focus your efforts on the business you know, we take care of the rest.


Company Representation

Developing a market requires a structured presence. But having a company representative on site has very high costs. With SEASIA you can have an Area Manager in South East Asia with only a fraction of those costs, taking care of many aspects: sales development, operational issues, problem solving,. With SEASIA your company is present and ready to do business in South East Asia.

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