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Sales Representation


The success and profitability of a business in South East Asia depends on the development of strong relationships with distribution players.


We provide sales representation for international companies who want to enter Southeast Asian markets or expand their existing business in the area, by supplying them with business development, sales support and services they may require to obtain effective results.

We find the right distributors and then develop and advance the relationship between Your company, the market and the distributors themseves.

We monitor Your foreign sales, control and report on a regular basis the actions of your local sales and marketing activities and the realization of the targets.

We attend Trade exhibitions and events on Your behalf.

We prevent fraudulent copies of Your products and control Your brand reputation and brand equity.

We share the risks with You, because our reward is based on a sales commission and just minimum fixed fee.


With SEASIA You can have a sales area manager in South East Asia without the costs of a resident manager.


  • Area manager/Sales representation

  • License and product registration


We accept sales representation assignments only after having assessed reasonable success possibilities.

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