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SEASIA model


SEASIA is a firm based on experienced and focused partners that provides high level professional services for companies who want to start or develop their business in the dynamic market of South East Asia through a model of real entrepreneurial partnership in business.


The structure and composition of the company and its business model focused on results make SEASIA a trustable partner that can integrate the different skills needed with a single focal point, with high quality standards.


Through its local contacts, carefully selected, SEASIA can provide a range of specialized professional services that may be required for a company in different sectors, such as Legal, Fiscal, Administrative,Logistics, Certification,Marketing, Communication, etc ...


In relationship with its customers SEASIA adopts a strict code of conduct, with particular reference to Interest conflicts, Information confidentiality, Dealings with third parties and Assignments undertaking. Our business model is based on lasting partnerships and sharing positive results.

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